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    I didn't find that the town was shut down, I walked to the shops on Saturday afternoon and Sainsbury's and the other shops were open . The Bath Bread shop was open and perhaps doing more business from the extra people in the high street. It is a pity the weather was not better but we can't do anything about that can we. I did find that not much was going on at the stage , just something every hour is not really enough for a festival but folks were enjoying themselves mostly young people.

    By LucyRE at 14:19 on 18/07/12

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    hi yes i know the street was closed. Sainsburys car park was open so we parked there. there are empty shops thought yes and i hope they are going to be filled soon.

    By hayleysev at 15:50 on 17/07/12

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    People could park in the car park by the Green Shop and Walk into town, its doesnt hurt people to walk for once. Surely if there is a big event in the town more people are likely to visit and then go into the shops??

    By munch98 at 22:42 on 14/07/12

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    Midsomer Norton shut down. Today 12 July 2012 Midsomer Norton closed up. People were unable to drive to the shops because the high street was closed. Either the shops in Midsomer Norton want to do business and trade to meet expenses or they want to shut down and leave more empty shops in the high street. Yes the community fair is a fun day but that does not pay the bill of the shop keepers. It is time that these events were put on at a venue outside the town centre and not allowed to disrupt the business of the town traders.

    By merlin2011 at 20:14 on 14/07/12

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